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8 years...8 years chasing a racked buck with my Black Widow PTF V recurve. Finally sealed the deal on last sit of last day of season here yesterday morning. Killed pigs n a few does but never a racked buck. Had this young buck come in and shot it just before it crossed a beaver slough in front of me at 24 yds. Liver hit. Dark, dark, red blood.

Brooks and I bumped him 2 times from his bed yesterday afternoon tracking him. Backed out and decided to wait until this morn as the night was gonna drop into the upper 30's. Brooks found him about 8:1t this morn, 30 yds from the last spot we bumped him yesterday afternoon. Perhaps my greatest trophy as it was a long, patience challenging stint to kill a buck.
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Congratulations 3C!
Heck yeah. Congrats!

I took my recurve to the stand with me for the first time ever this past weekend. Missed a doe at a whopping 9 yards :)

My heart hasn't beaten like that on a deer in a long time. It was like a first deer all over again. Can't wait to try some more
Great job Triple. I haven’t shot a buck w my recurve for 3 years now. We have a primitive season this wkend for anything from bear to deer. Not sure if taking my recurve or sidehammer yet. Either is an addiction. My wife says just take camera since I tend to let everything walk. Logger couldn’t believe the bucks I passed this year. Nice buck.

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A belated thank you for all the comments on my first recurve buck. I haven't been able to log in to forum for some time due to some type of technical issues I was having. Couldn't get sight to pull up.

All well at the Triple C! Got a burn coming up Wednesday and will post pics when I can. Gonna burn the clear-cut prior to replanting and run additional fire thru a couple of the blocks of planted pine I had thinned last year.
Glad all is well TC. You’re preparing for a burn….and we are preparing for 2-3’ of snow on top of the 12” already on the ground! I’m constantly amazed at how varied conditions are across our properties.
Glad all is well TC. You’re preparing for a burn….and we are preparing for 2-3’ of snow on top of the 12” already on the ground! I’m constantly amazed at how varied conditions are across our properties.
I'll gladly trade places with you come August! Told my wife when I finally retire that we're headed to upstate NY and then on up through the New England states to see a part of the country I've never seen other than the jungles of NYC & Boston which I don't care to see again.
Got my trad bow buck back from the taxidermist last week. Had to start a new trad bow kill wall at the cabin. 1st of what I hope to be a few more to add in the coming years.
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Also, the painting behind the fox is a gift from a local folk artist in Wilkes County, GA. He's done paintings for George W, Gov. Brian Kemp, and a few other well known folks. My realtor that I used to buy the farm in 2010 grew up with the artist and surprised me a few months ago when he dropped this off at the house.


Pic of the guest cabin as it sits today at the farm. Realtor took a photo of cabin when he was there and the artist did the painting from the picture.

Cool story behind the artist. Still lives in the house he grew up in and to this day, still no electricity or running water. Just an ol' timey hand crank well. I don't know the artist but one of the coolest gifts I've ever received. It is a painting of the guest cabin at the farm that we finished in 2013.

Here's a link about the artist.
TC, you have a good start on your new traditional bow wall, and the painting is beautiful as well. Hard to fathom that some folks in America still live without electricity, but I bet he is as happy as anyone we know. Great update.
2 weeks after the burn and we now have 73 acres of clear-cut planted in improved loblolly. The cycle begins again. I'll be 83 at the time of the first thinning of this new stand. 50/50 as to whether I'll even be around to see it. Should be some amazing hunting for the next 5 to 6 years before it canopies over.
Here's the same ground after the 2nd thinning in 2015 following a burn the following Spring.
As far as timber, my place is 55% planted pine and 45% hardwoods. Nothing like being over a hot dropping acorn tree in the fall. But when it comes to providing year round native forage, well managed pine stands are hard to beat once they reach the stage where thinning begins. Fire every 2 to 3 years creates an understory of native forbs and browse that will exceed the amount of forage I could ever put in our food plots.
Well boys...been 6 months since I've updated this thread. Honestly, going into the 13th season on our place, there's just not much new to report. Things are pretty much on auto-pilot these days.

Started out in 2011 when oldest grandson was 7. He's now 19. Sheeez...where do the years go. Grand daughters are now little women it seems.

Still haven't retired. 67 and still swinging. Just can't seem to find the right time to say I'm done but definitely on the one yard line.

Spending a whole bunch of time with my "Lil Man". Youngest grandchild that turned 8 in May. Soaking up every minute I can with him in my presence as I know the days are numbered when we'll be hang out buddies like we are today.

Plenty of moisture this year so the replanting of loblolly pine we did back in January is doing very well.

Only improvements we've made to the place is the addition of 2 more elevated blinds - Antler Shed. Made in Louisiana. Had a Redneck out since 2015 without any issues whatsoever. I think these are going to be very durable as well and think I may like them even better. Perfect accommodation for kids n guests.
- All metal construction.
- Very well built.
- Sliding tinted windows rather than the flip windows in the Redneck.
- Fully carpeted including walls and ceiling.
- Portable 5 ft sled option for moving the stand to different locations by hooking to the sled and dragging with a tractor.
- Easy to erect if putting on 4x4 posts with cross bracing.

A few pics.

Blind on the sled platform

Been slinging a lot of arrows in the basement this summer

Brooks n his buddy been in CO for 2 weeks chasing elk n Miley’s. I’ll post some pics of his trip when they get home.


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