Tricks and Tips - Vols


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About 8 years ago I had an eight foot chestnut tree that was used by vols as a winter feeding ground, the next year it was nothing but a post in the ground. Thereafter, I have spread ground hot pepper around the base of my trees. No problems since then. This would be the type of red hot pepper typically used to top pizza. About 2-3 tablespoons applied around the base of the trunk at leaf drop in the late fall on top the soil seems to do the trick.
Either the vol population is down or it is working.. Not sure which, but I am not taking any chances...
Has anybody else tried this?
I had an issue with voles once when I used mulch around my trees to hold down the weed barrier.....they chewed off all the support roots leaving only the tap root which was not enough to support life. I switched to gravel and have not had an issue since.
Good tip. Happened to me too. I caught it early. Filled in the hole at the base of the tree with dirt and a little osmocote and removed the mat. The tree was mature enough and showed no ill effects.
I held down mats with 4 rocks, one at each corner, and they tended to attract mice and vols. I may try the gravel the next time I use a mat. My primary method for weed control is a spring application of round-up.
I should add that I also use Milorganite in combination with the hot pepper.