Tree tube question

I am a huge fan of the combitube. I have some on their 4th year in the field and holding up great. I have never used the pro-max. However, I have found the people at tree protection supply are great to talk with. Shoot them an e-mail and they will answer any of your questions.

I like tree pro.You just stick the plant in the ground and drive in a stake made of conduit and use the zipties provided.They last several years.I like the 5' models.
I went together with another person from tree protection supply and got alot better deal.I have done some with conduit just watch to make sure they dont rotate around the conduit with the zipties
I like the tree pro tubes much better. They do not rub on trees in the wind and they are stronger in my opinion. My combitubes want to fold over and rub my trees on windy days. Also the tree pro tubes are rolled and the top and bottom so they can't rub and damage trees. Tree pro tubes are also much easier to knock wasp nests out of and you can easily see the wasp nest inside the tube while driving by. Doesn't sound like a huge deal until coons smell wasp larvae and tear holes in the tube or tear it to the ground to get what they want. Just opinions but I now have 300 on trees and will continue adding to that. If my tubes can't handle a 60mph wind they don't stand a chance in Oklahoma with the storms we have. My combitubes tend to want to rip the zip ties out during high wind events after a yr of use.
I have the combitubes and the zipties in wind do cut into the tubes bad but if you live in an area with tons of japanese beetles like i do, those tree pro tubes look like they would be a nightmare.
I have purchased 600 Tubex Combitubes (4'), 100 Photosynth (5'), and 50 Tree Pro (4') from Tree Protection supply. I have had the Combitubes the longest at 5 years. I have had great luck with them; no tearing. I really wished I had ordered 5' tubes. The Photosynth I have had for 2 years. The are holding up good but have had a few tear at the zip tie hole. The Tree Pros I purchased this year, and they seem to be the sturdiest and cheapest of the group. The Tree Pros are the most basic and biggest concern is the venting holes are large, and worry about overcast herbicide spray hitting the trees.