Tree stands, pine trees and sap.

Ed K

I am going to be putting a stand in a large pine, and where it will be positioned, requires me to trim a 4" branch that will be right against my back. What, if anything can I do to keep the sap from coming out of the cut and making me stick to the tree if I lean back?
I placed a stand in a different tree last seaon, with a similar situation, and never gave the sap any thought..well, first sit in the tree, I ended up with my jacket stuck to it! As a quick fix, I took some reflective tacks from my pack and used them to stick some green oak leaves I pulled from an adjacent tree to cover it..but, I need something better!
Take galvanized roofing nails and tack a 12x12 plywood back rest on it. the nail won't hurt a large pine tree a bit and the seat will be more comfortable. Pine/ hemlock make for some great concealed stands, tree lags and cut just enough to get up to a plywood platform with some holes to shoot out of.