tree propagation


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Scanning through old threads and I get a little info here and here about this topic. I have seeds in the fridge, going to start them in the spring VIA direct seeding and some under lights. I would also like to give this method a try. What are the basic things I need to know, anyone had success with oaks using this method? I was also curious if anyone could give some insight on grafting and all the different types of rootstock. Thank you!
search the threads on direct seeding acorns by Oakseeds

similar threads on chestnuts by wbpdeer and mattpatt

they are the fellas that i "patterned my game after" and have had gratifying results

also.....Blitz has some great threads on DCO's and also sells the seeds

I love growing baby DCO trees

What is a rule of thumb when cutting off branches to try this method? Is it the same thing as scion wood you would use to graft?