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So I'm trying my hand at trapping for the first time ever (just set my first three traps yesterday), very late to the party as trapping season ends the last day of Feb except for yotes. With that said, I'm a deer hunter and all we ever hear anymore is urine is urine. Make your own scrapes and just pee in them (which I do frequently and it works). Now that I'm reading all this stuff about trapping, it seems trappers have a completely different mindset about urine (yote is different than red fox which is different than grey which is different than bobcat, etc etc.) What does this great forum say?
I would never contaminate a coyote set with my own pee, but I pee in scrapes all the time. I use the correct lure and urine for the sets I'm making. Yotes can be very cautious and smart. Any hint of human scent, a loosely bedded trap, or something that's not right and all you will find is tracks circling around your set. The educate quickly and don't put up with sloppiness. If there is anything I would recommend it's to be very strict with your procedures and regimen.
I don't pretend to be an expert, but like catscratch, I don't think human urine is the ticket. I carry coyote and red fox urine where I trap, with coyote the target. I turn fox I catch loose. I bait, lure, and put urine at nearly every set, except remakes. A remake has so much scent, it isn't necessary. I don't use urine on sets where there are lots of deer. Deer will investigate urine, and in some cases lure, and end up firing your traps. I use beaver with skunk essence for bait normally. I alternate fox/coyote urine and different lures. I try to keep variety in my trap line is the reason. I catch lots of yotes on both types of urine. I also have great luck with a wad of sheeps wool in the hole over the bait. I would worry about good human scent discipline before I would worry about urine. Use gloves when handling traps, and don't use the gloves when baiting/luring. You don't want the yote to be able to detect the trap subsurface by scent. If you do that, you've got half the battle won. Getting a good working trap bedded efficiently is the other half of the equation. They really aren't that hard to catch once you get a good system in place, I caught 3 last night.
I've never used coyote urine, but it's a standard if we want to catch bobcats. I don't personally target cats, but my son does and he always uses urine. I trap coyotes, but I use bait, lure, or a combination of both.
We use bait in dirt holes and put bobcat piss on everything. Seems to work well for us, have caught a little bit of everything with that combo.
Thanks guys. Nothing has come through the first two nights so I can’t feel to bad about not catching anything. Once cams show that they’ve come through we will see how I did. Seem to be coming through about once a week

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Got my first catch. Night 3 but first night anything came through according to cams.