My short trapping season...


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I didn't trap much this year, just a few sets for a couple of weeks on my home place. I did fool around with the camera and do a couple of videos. The first is my basic bedding and the second is catches and remakes. These are fox sets as there are few coyotes on this property, but I do my yote sets the same. This is how I bed my traps, been doing it like this for about 10 years. It works very well in bad weather. It rained non-stop the whole time my traps were out and I was able to keep them running with little maintenance. I didn't talk about the antifreeze much in the video but I add a little salt to the top after rain or thaw and it keeps it from freezing over. But most of the water sheds from peat so it is easier to keep from freezing than dirt.

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