Throw-n-mow without the "mow"


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Hi guys,

I spend most of my time these days at a Michigan-specific forum, but check back here from time to time. I have a question I could probably find if I looked hard enough, but if you guys don't mind indulging my laziness.

I have been using throw-n-mow techniques learned from the old QDMA Forum for a few years now with good success.

I am a no-till, throw-n-mow plotter for many reasons, but one of them is I prefer to have the least amount of equipment possible to buy, store and maintain. One of my implements I have found useful, but a pain in the neck is my pull-behind brush mower. It constantly needs attention for one thing or another.

Could I still expect good results if I broadcast my fall mix into standing rye and simply rolled it with my cultipacker without mowing?
I am guessing when the rye has a seed head, the plant starts to die down and that would make it easier to roller over and get it to lay flat?
Hey Osceola, I am in north of you in Lewiston. I have field that I dropped some trees in and will not remove them all because of time hang ups and a concern over Oak wilt. I will be experimenting on broadcasting into standing rye and rolling with my cultipacker. I know that is not an answer for you, but just adding my $.02. No spraying. Good luck.
Saturday I "rolled" about half an acre of rye with my culti-packer simply to see if it will kill it. I have my doubts, but we'll see.
No. Too early for what I plant. I just wanted to experiment a little. I will broadcast a brassica mix into half of it in July and then a cereal mix in the other half in August and then cultipack again and see what happens. I will do the same in other plots, but mow as a control. Half the fun is experimenting.