There is always a way


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Having my manure crop (beans) deer mowed and short of time ....I threw a mix of buckwheat, wheat and leftover beans ....roll the clock 60 days and I am down in the back ...can barely get on a tractor let alone do the full prepping of my regular fall food plot I upped my seed rate per acre 40% and broadcast my 2AC with PTT, Kale and Rikon raddish ...then bush hogged the whole shebang ....that was 17 days ago and 2 nice rains I walked a great looking fall food plot whenever you don't think you have any options,time or a way ...remember ...there is always a way

Brokenbear, I'm glad your foodplot is doing well. I used to have a lot of back issues. I can't imagine trying to plow and disc while I was down in my back. Yet another advantage to Throw n' Mow I suppose.

If you don't mind, I have a question. You said you upped your seeding rate by 40%. Does it look like that's going to work out pretty well? If you were doing it again, would you go with the same rate?