The Orchard


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A view of my home orchard where I hope to harvest nuts for growing more trees as well as a few for consumption.


Got them all mulched in today. Orchard consists of six Buck IV Hybrid, two Wal-Mart Dunstans (picked up on clearance last year), two Dwarf Chinkapin Oaks and one Swamp White Oak.

All trees where grown from seed and vary in age but most of them are five years old. The one the front on the left is a two year old tree and may get replaced with a clearance Chestnut this year if it doesn’t start growing.


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This is on a little half acre lot next to my house. I forget how far they are spaced but it’s at least 20’ or more. I’m about to go apply for farm exemption on the land and that’ll save me around $40 in taxes a year. I know that’s not much but every little bit counts.

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Looks good. Your ahead of most of us.
Question about the dwarf CPO's, did you buy those or find them growing out there?
I found a CPO last year and have at least 12 6" seedlings growing from it. The tree I got them off of was about 15' tall and had a decent amount of acorns. I don't know much about them but I noticed the different shaped leaves and walked over to it and it had really nice dark acorns on it.
I grew them from seed that received from someone here on the forum. Can’t remember who it was. I’m a little out of the native range for DCO so there aren’t any around here that I know of. That’s all about to change! Lol


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^^^^^ That tree looks great
I got my seeds from Blitz on this forum

He sells them every year around september


How old is that tree?

Did you direct seed or start in a container?


This tree is four years old and was direct seeded. It is approximately 5’ tall now. It originally came up double trunked and I kept trimming one of them back. I finally gave up on this and just let it go. Now the one I trimmed is as tall or taller than the one I left alone. Hoping it will produce a few acorns this year.


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