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Has anyone hear of TerraServer, a Division of PrecisionHawk? I googled "most updated satellite map" and found a link. I clicked and it shows an image of my Bull Pen after the logging of 2015. I have outlined the clear cut and the strip pine thinning in red. BUT, it is a purchase service, shown in second picture. It is good to know that more current images are available, and this one might be useful to me even with the overlay.

What do use as the most recent image of your property?

terra.JPG terra2.JPG
Good to know I was just thinking of looking for a better map site with contour lines on my way home from bear scouting today.

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We could be here a long time! :D
There's up-to-date aerial imagery everywhere...but few seem to knowhow to find it! Yes, I am an ArcGIS fan, but the vintage is not always evident. Let's take this in little pieces. There's imagery and then their's the application in which it can be viewed. Now, I'm not proposing this is the most ideal solution - it's one solution.

LizaardTech is a compression software company that plays heavily in the aerial imagery viewer catagory. A version of the software is a free download you can use on you dekstop computer. There might be an app as well. I've not checked.

Now you need aerial imagery to look at using the viewer. This is all desktop stuff and you'll need to rollup your sleeves. If your, willing, the benefits are considerable.

Get your aerial imagery and topo maps at the USDA Geospatial Data Gateway.
There's an green order order button over on the right side toward the top. Oder by county. All the National Agriculture Imagery Program (NAIP) imagery is served from there. It's a free download. You can get topo maps also and a lot more.

Here's a good 3-minute YouTube about it.

NAIP. By the end of this year every county in the United States will have aerial imagery no more than 16-months old. USDA FSA in Virginia completed flying last week and the new stuff will be available to the public by mid0October or sometime in November.

More about NAIP:

If you can manuver any ArcGIS applications (ArcGIS on-line, ArcExplorer, ArcMap) you can load the latest NAIP for you state into the application via an image server....all topics for another day.

Here's the NAIP list. All of the 2014 are being upated in 2016. Most all will be publically available by the end of the year.

It's one way to do it. There are plenty more (to come).

Commercial satellite imagery is a whole other ball of wax. There's TerraServer. Another is Digital Globe. Up to now it's been a "for sale" product only. It's expensive to acquire and most of the area where we 'rural' folk have interest is only occasionally photographed. I guess everything is relative. Maybe once ot twice a year and only because its "on the way" to a more in-demand urban/suburban area. I have heard Google Earth and Digital Globe are working on a deal where you may see high resolution satellite imagery on GE.
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I like this site.
Only thing that seemed odd was if I zoom in to close the picture date changes.
Thanks for posting it.