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I have been checking Google Earth Pro for years now to see if they had updated my property view from the old November 2014 picture. Well now we have a March 2019 aerial view of the Bull Pen and Mandy Hollow.
Below is a picture of the Bull Pen. I have marked the corners. Taken in March you can easily tell the hardwoods and the pines. We are changing our hunting approach this year by trying to stay out of most of the land and hunt from shorter access. Picture doesn't show it but lots of hills and deep gulleys on west portion of land, so access has been through the middle. Also, trying to do a version of dogghr's random clusters, by having food plots meander among the trees, sawtooth, pear and pine.
Red dots are hunting stands, two houses and two ladder stands. Yellow is a pinch point where camera has spotted deer day and night. Looking forward to putting the grandsons in any of these stands.


Here are a few of the deer showing up at the pinch point. Not whoppers like Okie and Native and Baker and dogghr and Triple C and LLC (well they are small, but we like 'em)


Great pic Lak. I can remember, if you can believe that, your land from the old thread and the transformations it had made with you management. They flew my area this year again but for whatever reason, got the land adjacent west of me, but mine still the 2015 flyover. I wouldn't care but they did it right after my fall plantings and everything is an ugly brown. Oddly, if you check the Maps on the iPhone, they are updated. Makes no sense.
Anyways, I digress. Looks like your plan and stand placement is pretty nice. And that roadside screening is awesome, I need that. And I like the pinch point you show, but I also like how the north side of the pond/woods looks like a great inside corner to hunt when bucks are cruising. Good luck and hope the plan comes together. The boys are lucky to have you.
lak - Google map updates are like waking up Christmas morning as a kid, particularly if you've made a lot of changes to the landscape since the last map update. I'm liking the looks of the bull pen! BTW...guess you're bout at the end of mater sammiches. We had BLT's last night and I swear I think of you every time I have a mater sammich. But, mine were store bought. One day...
Must be nice! Still November 2013 on our place. The County GIS map has more recent imagery for some reason.

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