Tail wheel fork

This is from my efforts.

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Looks like you hung it while turning, I little elbow grease and it can be straightened up. Might not be brand new, but it will fix it.
Yep. I agree elbow grease should fix it. I'm going to put some heat to it in a little bit then get the mini sledge on it. If that doesn't work I'll go to plan B. I'll figure that out if needed. Plan B C etc have yet to be developed. Worst comes to worst I will just make a new one. Pride will not let me spend $80 when I have a perfectly good chop saw and welding machine. I'd make one at work but that is generally frowned upon on a nuke site. However one made out of stainless would look nice. hahaha

As far as how it happened I think I hung it up turning around. I probably didn't raise it like a should have.