Switch IN egyptian wheat


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Starting some new switch grass screens this year. Has anyone planted their Egyptian wheat screens , then pressed switch grass seed into the area right after planting??

I know I've heard of people doing this with corn, but not sure if the EW would work the same?

My plan was to lightly till in Nitrogen, broadcast EW into the fluffy seed bed, roll, spread switch, roll again, then spray Atrazine.

Hoping the switch will come up IN the Egyptian wheat the first year, the second year the stalks will still be standing for the EW and the Switch will be on its way for screening. If not that year, the 3rd year...

Anyone tried this? Any merit to this approach ?
Yes, it was a fail. Oust and done is best way to go. Otherwise u just set everything back or no germination at all. U will have to go one solid growing season of almost nothing but it’s worth it. Trust me I’ve tried planting switch into a lot of things. If u want switch just plant switch.
Thanks for the reply !! That is good to know, sounds like you were thinking the same thing. One of those really bad "good" ideas :D thanks for saving me the trial and error .
Depends on the situation. In this case, I’m assuming u want a screen, so I would personally want the thickest screen ASAP. Now I no tilled switch into established white clover. Than I strategically set the clover back. I’m at year 6 and I have a pretty sweet transition area w about 70% switch 25%clover. Perfect spot for deer to lay in and feed all day before they hit my plot and eventually ag fields. Awesome hunting with my 30.06 perched high up to be able to look over the area. I’m actually thinking about turning the entire plot to this habitat.