Switch covercrop no till establish

I am wanting to establish some switch edge and screen areas within my property to manipulate deer movement.
In have been doing some research on how to plant and everything is frost seed or conventional. In my area, frost never works as we have cheat grass to compete with. Once you disturb the soil the marestail and goldenrod take over with a vengeance! once soil temps gets above 70*.
So I am thinking about a few different options. First would be Disc and plant oats now, then in June drill the switch and terminate the oats. Second option is similar utilized the existing dawny brome/dead cheatgrass. Drilling in my path, spraying, and in a week mowing as it. Problem is the mat is so thick nothing germinates under it. Third, would be to plan the switch planting for next year by discing and drilling either Sudan grass this summer or rye in the fall and terminate it in the spring at planting. Atleast I'd have screen this year if I did the Sudan grass.