Converting open Food Plot into cover & food

Hey all

Was looking for a little advice on an upcoming project ive been contemplating.

Im in NY, high pressure area. I have two fields. The picture attached is the back field. The front field has corn. This field is presently 2.5 acres of RW beans. It is doing very well, probably too well. The deer do not come into the plot during day light once season opens. I understand pressure. I am doing everything I can . But the way my land lays out the neighbors are way too close to avoid.

Ive drawn up this plan...


Instead of a big open field , Ive thought up two food plots. One in annuals one in perennials ( the green circles) surrounded by plants for cover & browse, I was thinking mainly dog wood / sumac.

In the area inbetween the dog wood thickets and the plots, I have 20 apple trees that are about 4 years old. I am going to add a few speckled elder, crab apple bush and maybe some wild plum to soften the edge a bit.

I plan to put a blind inbetween the two on the north side for access.

My question is... Is this plan crazy? Will it take too long? Am I better off just planting corn and carving out these plots. Am I better off with EW or one of the commercial screen mixes.

Should I plant switch grass?

If this idea is good, does anyone have any recommendations on how to go about doing it?
I would plant corn and carve out what you want on the other side. Most years, this will get you through hunting season. I'd consider 1 acre of corn with the balance split between LC grain/clover on and the rest in the LC or other brassica mix. I'm playing with the use of far more corn for screening to creat smaller plots the deer are more comfortable during daylight. It has the added benefit of important food source for later in the year when temps plummet and snows pile up. What part of NY?