Spypoint GeoPad

Ed K

Does anyone have one?
My wife bought me one for Christmas. She thought it would be nice for me to be able to take with me to check camera cards, and keep my pics on and such. Well, I dont have Spypoint cameras. I have Cuddeback's. When you open it, it goes to a Spypoint app. No problem, insert SD card, open external storage, view and download pics.
It worked with the first 2 SD cards, then, it popped up "external storage dismounted", and it will no longer recognize any SD card that is inserted..Spypoint technical assistance just told us that if it does not see the card, just try a different one...yeah, I have tried all 12 cards, still acts as if one is not inserted.
Anyone have this issue?
My wife is beyond mad, and she is going to send it back, but I was wondering what went wrong, or what did I do wrong??