Reolink Go PT Plus as a cellular trail camera


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My 3G Spypoint cellular camera keeps telling me I need to upgrade my camera because 3G service for it will only last until July before my camera stops sending pics. So, I'm looking at what to go to next. I'm cheap, and the Spypoint has worked great for me. But, I'm looking at alternatives since I have to get a new one anyway. I'm leaning towards the Reolink Go PT Plus. I like the pan, tilt, zoom features, live video, etc. The sim cards are pretty reasonable too. This guy has a ton of videos on using it as a trail camera.

would consider current i put in the field on Dec 13 of 2021 and i'm still getting pictures and that's surviving the harsh N WI winter of -30 below on sobyean plot, so not like nothing was walking around and didn't miss a beat. Not bad for $130 camera. Have had spypoint cell as well and tactacam much better picture quality and honestly can't complain about battery life
I have a Bushnell Cellular camera that seems to work well...I put it out last fall on our deer lease and it has taken thousands of pictures sent to me and still shows 60% battery life...