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One of the biggest benefits of the old forum was the searchable database that went back years. It provided almost endless information about a vast variety of topics. I used it very frequently during planting season.

I think it would be nice to recreate something like that here. My idea is for members to adopt a species if you will and post a primer on growing that plant/crop. Include information like:

- seeding rate (broadcast vs drilled)
- generic fertilizer requirements
- basic weed control
- ideal conditions to plant in (soil temp/moisture)
- ideal use (beneficial to wildlife, beneficial as a soil builder)
- maybe a simple scale on how easy it is to grow (1 is easy, 10 is hard)
- approximate cost per acre to plant

I'm sure there is more to include but y'all get the general idea.

Ideally the crop you choose will be one you have a lot of experience with. If this idea interests any of you, please feel free to start posting in the sub forum posted above...
I've stolen these charts, but I think they provide a lot of good information, quickly, but personal information/experience is always good. Of course the seeding rates need to be adjusted when putting it into a mix.

If this needs to be moved elsewhere, please feel free.


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