South GA 10pt


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I spent the last week at our club in SW GA and had quite the week with 20+ deer sightings nearly every sit, lots of buck activity, stand time with my dad, and even a kill on 12/9.

I had actually rattled in this buck right before thanksgiving but with no trailcam pics of him, and him being in a clear cut and facing me I wasn't able to get a good read on his age. Over the next two weeks we started getting him regularly on cam and decided he looked old enough to pull the trigger on if he presented himself. About 20 minutes before dark he came out at 250 yards into a picked peanut field. With a clear view of his body, there was no doubt he was a mature 5.5+ buck so I settled the crosshairs on his shoulder and sent a bullet his way. He plowed dirt for about 40 yards before tumbling over on the edge of the field. Best part was recovering the deer with my dad. Thanks for looking

buck 2.jpg

buck 3.jpg
Great deer, and good times. Time spent with dad was some of the best times of my life. Unfortunately, I didn't fully realize this until he was gone. Savor every moment.
Nice buck, and good on you for passing him until you could determine for sure that he was ripe enough to pick !