Social Media and Hunting

Blizzard Ridge

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Did anyone see the attack on the young lady that posted pictures of her kills from a recent African Safari that she went on? The girl is an avid hunter for all game in her area and got the chance to go on a once in a lifetime African big game hunt. Had a few kills one of which was a giraffe. Of course the Anti's went on the attack persecuting this young lady that is an avid bowhunter. She even received death threats calling her a sick human being and continued to try to verbally destroy her and her father who she hunts with. I know they said some of the game was used to feed many people in the surrounding tribes. So nothing went to waste.

Now who are the sick people? The family that hunts together and respects the animal and land the animal came from? Or the sick individuals attacking a 14 year old girl for using God's resources for what they were intended for?
That is for sure. I gave up social media long ago. I told my wife many years ago to watch and see how social media destroys lives. It looks like my thoughts have came true. I just don't get everyone wanting others to know what they do from minute to minute during the day. Who cares!
Social media is a great idea(this forum is social media), but you have to limit social media just like you would when picking friends and people that you hang out with. Too many people use it to promote themselves to as many people as they can reach. Anytime you broadcast your actions to the masses, you are gonna receive criticism along with the praise.

Now as for the people who lurk on their computers to see who they can attack, they are cowards who use the keyboard to make themselves feel powerful. You have to be able to ignore them. If you can't, then don't broadcast your life to them.