Show us your pole barn

Do you have a door on that safe room?I know a guy that builds safe rooms out of storage containers cut down.They are even tested to stop bullets and can be locked from inside.If you want to protect your lock build you a lock container like on some of the storage containers.In CO we would use 3inch pipe to build a hasp cover,nobody has the guts to try and stick a gun barrel up that piece of pipe to shoot it off and you can't cut with bolt cutters.

Do you have a picture of that?
Basically the pipe one is a apx 4 inch piece of pipe with a slot in it for the hasp from the other door or gate to go in and then you reach up inside to slip on pad lock.The ones on storage container are much the same.I think I know where there is a container with one I will get a pic of
I dont have a storm cellar at all at this house and I have to go outside to even get in my basement, the storm chasers tend to line up and down the road near my house for big storms so you know i'm in a great location ha
Pole barn 1


Pole barn 2


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Maybe it makes them more hurricane proof? Couldn't tell ya...I'm not a builder!
I figure they did it to save cost on lumber...the longer the board the more costly...8' 2"x4"s are cheap like the ones you see on PB2...