Show us your pole barn


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Lots of posts on finishing pole barns I decided to share a few pictures of ours. Please share yours as well.

We built it last summer but finally got it finished and completed this winter. Ours is 40' x 48' split down the middle half finished half unfinished.

Electric appliances, well, septic, wood stove. Closed cell spray insulation.

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Great Job Kwood,
That is some great living space.I like everything about it but especially enjoyed the kitchen, dining, living room picture. That is just awesome.
Great looking place - my "pole barn" I'd rented to a farmer and tends to be full of combine, tractors, planters and the like. No finished living area. Best part is the concrete floor, mechanics pit and the 30 feet wide by roughly 15 feet tall door that opens up the entire south end! It was originally built to house a piper cub airplane. Plane is gone but I have put the building to good use!

If I recall properly it's 40 x 60 feet.....the inside height may be 20 feet
shop closed cropped.jpg

BIL spent the money on the fancy door - just got to watch those really windy days other wise it's nice to be able to open the whole thing up. Kids can play basket ball and we can get the combine in (hopper extensions and all) if needed. If the wife ever kicks me out.....I won't go far....I'll just build me a little bachelor pad inside!
shop open cropped.jpg
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Just got the pad done for ours...will be next spring before it go's up...gotta save up again and what little we have left over is going to the tax man in mid April :(

The pole barn shop will be 30 x 50 x 14 with 3 overhead doors and one of the system will be a pull through so I can pull any disabled equipment in while I drive right out the other side. This will also give a good breeze through the shop when both sides are open.

Will also have a 24' x 50'concrete pad in front of the doors and will have a lean off over the pad so we will be able to park most everything under a roof...

Fully insulated ceiling, walls, and doors...wood heat...


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Okie, awesome! We decided to spend extra on the closed cell insulation and did the whole thing, shop included. If you can swing it I would recommend. Eliminates any moisture issues.

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I am wanting to put up a 50x72 pole building to turn into a hunting lodge. I figure I will do a lean to off of the backside to park equipment, side by sides, etc. I also would like to build an elevated shooting platform off the back with 3D targets for guests to shoot their bows or guns before their hunt. Now all I need is the money to do it and I will be set. My plan is the ground floor will have sitting area, dining area and kitchen as well as 5 bedrooms each having it's own bathroom similar to a motel room. Then the loft area will have another 5 rooms set up exactly the same so all plumbing will be back to back on lower floor and straight above on upper level. I am going to keep interior fairly basic, I am thinking probably OSB interior walls with a couple coats of urethane over the top of them. The entire main level except for the bedrooms will all be open concept no walls between kitchen, dining and living room areas. Basic painted concrete floors on main level and cheap carpet in the bedrooms upstairs.

I haven't started getting quotes yet I am sure it will scare me to death.