Shade seed for trails


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I've got a bunch of trails on my property that I'd consider planting something on if y'all think it would grow. Couple issues.. the trails are mostly shade, the crappy mountain soil really sucks, & I bush hog my trails 3-4 times throughout the summer. Even WR had a tough time growing on them last Fall when I tried it so my guess is if that won't grow, nothing will. But I'm all ears if ya'll have any suggestions...
Are these trails for use by humans or deer? I'd plant ryegrass or fescue for people trails, clover and oats for deer trails.
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For erosion annual and perennial ryegrass.

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These are four wheeler & tractor trails running through the mountain here. Pretty much all shade, cruddy mountain soil, w/ lots of rocks & roots protruding. I've got a hard enough time growing oats & clover in my food plots that I lime & fertilize haha don't think they'd do well on the trails but I reckon I can try a few bags this Fall & see how they do