Scotty the Shed Dog

I got in the habit of posting on Facebook about the Hunt Test and wild shed hunting. We found 21 sheds & dead heads in the spring of 2019. I was pleased except I stayed too close to home.

Both Scotty and Perry have completed their Master Shed Title in NASHDA. That represents 6 Junior Courses Passes, 6 Senior Course Passes and 6 Master Course Passes for each dog. I own a majority of the missed antlers. It is humbling to make a mistake on a course but it does happen.

I ran Scotty and Perry in UKC Hunt Test and they went 5 for 5 on their Working Shed Courses to complete the Working Shed Title. Scotty has 3 Champion Passes and Perry has 4 Champion Passes on UKC Course. I have gotten a Performance Listing for each of them with UKC so all points earned are accumlated.

My boys and I are scheduled to run in Adams County, Ohio in Jan 2020, twice in northern Mississippi once in Feb and once in March. If West Virginia will conduct a hunt test I will travel there to run. In late May I expect I will travel to Jason MacPherson's farm in Mountain Grove, MO. I expect my boys to complete their Champion Title with UKC before June if we are able to travel as planned.

Most importantly, I want to improve our wild shed numbers in 2020. To do that I believe i have to network better on locating good farms to shed hunt. Scotty and Perry are a joy to watch work in the woods hunting wild sheds.

The main reason I wanted a shed dog was to hunt up wild shed antlers. 2020 should be the year for us to break out on how many we find.

Thanks for reading this thread.

Good luck with this spring's exploits! I love watching a dog do what it loves to do. He it; pointing, retrieving, flushing, finding sheds, etc... it's all good.
I would like that if your little hunting buddy could watch the dogs run some. My Perry completed his Master Title in NASHDA so both of them have their Master Title. Running them at those events was a great experience for me as the handler.

Merry Christmas to you and yours.

I’ve got a lab puppy incoming in 3 weeks. I’m going to read this thread (and re-read it) many times in the near future. I’m sure I’ll have lots of stupid questions.

Meet Wilbur (the black pup in the front).

End of Our Journey,

Scotty came to 1204 my house number on the Friday in January 2017 that Trump was sworn into office. On this Friday, Jan 26th, 2024 - which is approximately 7 years, one week later I had to put him down. He has 16 days of suffering which I hope to remove from my memories as soon as I can.

Scotty has a wonderful dog to train, to take to competitions, to have on a daily basis. Labs rule in my book, this lab stole my heart. I had a yellow lab that I sold after I had my heart attack. Both Scotty and Perry earned 5 shed dogs certifications, 3 with NASHDA and 2 with UKC.

I am a kind hearted, confident man. I don't like to see anything harmed, mistreated or abused. I got most all of my grieving done in the last week as last Friday, I took Scotty to the Vet and spent a large sum of $$ on trying to find out if there was a reason for his suffering. When I left the Vets office I knew we were on a death watch. He got worse - not what I had prayed for and held out hope for.

My dog trainer gave me the best advice last night, concentrate on the memories - boy we made them. I am so lucky to have had 7 years with this big handsome lab.

I will not talk about the causes, the suffering, the medical efforts, that is part of this journey i am going to do my best to whip out of my memory.

So those that know me and chinese chestnut projects, I buried Scotty to the right of my greenhouse. Each time I visit my greenhouse, Scotty and I will be in the presence of each other.

Can a person grieve over a dog? If you have the right dog, it is unavoidable. I have been grieving but I am enjoying our memories too.

if you have a great dog, please rub their head for me and Scotty. Love 'em while you can.

RIP "Sir Scotty"
Favorite Picture of Scotty (In Mississippi in Rain)


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So sorry, Wayne. I’m sitting in my office with my black lab my side. Feel free to PM me if you need another veterinarians take on whatever happened.
It's funny that we all know the inevitable grief that will come someday when we own a good pup but there is nothing that can prepare you for it. I am sorry to hear of your loss. We have a 13 yo lab mix and she has started the decline. I'll be sure to give her all the extra love tonight and tell her about a good pup named Scotty she is gonna get to meet someday. Keep your chin up.
Sorry to hear of your loss,i had to put mine down a couple months ago and my new pup was born sept 29th.Just getting parvo shots done so she can go to the woods