Sarge the Wonder Dog

Sounds like he lysed a clot

What did the vet say?


Well Bill, it’s an emergency vet and I’ve never had much faith in that place, but he did give us some vitamin K and said that might help with the clotting. It doesn’t look as swelled as it did yesterday and the blood looks better than that pink slime that was coming out yesterday. I hope the different antibiotics are working. He’s still not bleeding and we took him in before lunch so that’s something at least. If he doesn’t start bleeding tonight I’ll consider it a success.

Thanks Cedar, I believe he’s feeling a little better too. He ate well tonight and that’s usually a pretty good indicator.
How’s Sarge doing?

He went back to Dallas yesterday and to my surprise the doctor did take the stitches out. He hasn’t bled anymore so that’s a plus. It’s still swollen but he seems to not be in any pain. She did say that there is a prosthetic under his eyelid to keep it from sinking in and very rarely she has had to remove them because of infection. She put him on a stronger antibiotic so I guess we’ll just see how it goes from here. Thanks for asking.

The biggest PITA is the large pills he has to take. He hates pills and I have to wrap them in cheese or throw them down his throat:eek: Either way it’s a fight !:)
Glad to hear it. Onward and upward for Sarge. One of mine HATES pills as well but wrapping them in sliced turkey seems to do the trick most times. Hate forcing them on sick pups but sometimes they just won’t play along.
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An update on Sarge: Yesterday morning I woke to see Sarge’s eyelid had split from the swelling, so I took a few pics and emailed them to the eye Doc. She said to hold a warm compress on his eye socket for five minutes three times a day. That seemed to draw out some more of the pink slime and that’s a good thing. His socket is still swelled this morning but he seems to be pretty chipper and the split has healed up (for now) and aside from the swelling looks pretty good. Pics are yesterday (bottom) and today (top).F1236C29-DA89-4CF4-A73C-4E78D2C25F7D.jpeg51619C95-16E9-479D-B5CF-2DDD5BDE362A.jpeg