scent crusher?


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Ok anyone using this?
Thoughts on it?

It actually makes a lot of sense to me, and I could see using it. For the last several years I have actually went with the smoking method. It is fairly popular in Ohio, I smoke all my clothes up with hickory smoke right before I head to the stand. I have had several deer down wind, and never act any different. They smell smoke all the time, and don't associate it with danger.

However I really don't buy into gimmicks often but this one caught my attention.
I have a Scent Crusher bag. The first thing I did after getting it was put my oldest pair of smelly running shoes in it. These shoes had always stunk and I had tried everything to clean them; soap/water, deodorant sprays, put these little balls in them that are suppose to help, soak and wash in vinegar, etc. For some reason these shoes just stank and they were so bad I didn't wear them much. A couple of treatments in the ScentCrusher bag and they quit stinking.
I tried out the cheap amazon ozone machine in my car and I will definitely be using it for my clothes! My car is a daily beater, wife has the nice vehicle but for me it works out because I don't care about throwing deer in the trunk, driving down trails and limbs scrapping it up, you get the idea, long story short, a couple dead deer in the trunk last season left a funk like you can imagine, put the ozone in the trunk, let it run for 18 hours and the funk is GONE! 5 days later, still gone. Time to go get a nice airtight container for my clothes...
Well I ordered one, this place is a bad influence. I figured I would try this. I have been skeptical about sent elimination sprays and cover scents but have used them in they past just figured it couldn't hurt.
I liked the tests field and stream did about the different methods of scent control vs the K9. Ozone seemed to be the only that made a difference. If nothing else it'll save me money not buying sent control laundry soap and spray.
You will love it! I have the Scent Crusher bag and the Ozone Go. The go has been great in my truck if I forget food in there or leave some sweaty clothes. You won't be disappointed!
Be aware that Ozone is hard on elastic so if your hunting clothes have elastic in them it will degrade it quickly...
I've used the Ozonics the past two seasons and I find it works pretty well. I also purchased the scent crusher bag this year. The concept seems like a good idea.
Best I can tell based on what they talked about in the podcast that unit is just to use in a bag or box or something in the car, not at all the same thing Ozonics for the stand is. There is something to the safety considerations so do your research. Did some research when I had some mold in the house 7-8 years ago and found I think the company "The Sharper Image" went bankrupt due to lawsuits over the ionic breeze (ozone) air filters, I never got into verifying that or finding out more why. The podcast does say the unit has 30 minute limits for safety reasons, and don't do anything with elastic more than 5 minutes.
I've been sceptical as well but mostly couldn't get myself to spend that much money on a unit. I heard the recent 9Fingers podcast but what sold me was John Dudleys most recent Nock On podcast. Then there was an article in the recent Bowhunter mag by Mike Carney.

I carry dogs in my truck so I ordered scentcrusher go for it and an ozonics unit for the stand. Coming on Monday. Time will tell.
Scent crusher products are amazing. I've been using it all season and just got back from a 12 day hunt in SD. My buddy didn't have the bag and his dirty clothes pile was a lot higher then mine come the end of the week. With Scent Crusher can elimate odors by using the bag/tote. The only time you really need wash is when you get mud or blood or whatever that needs to come off. As far as the off brand goes and being cheaper, I can't speak on their behalf but I do know that Scent Crusher has a excellent customer service and backs their products. I'm a firm believer you get what you paid for.
I have had the WhiteTail'R Scent Purge 50 unit for three seasons. I have a basic wood cabinet that I hang my clothes in. I drilled a hole for the power cord and seal the seams with tape. Hang my clothes in it and let run for 24 hours. Clothes are a 100% scent free. I have been using an Ozonics for two years and although their are many critics most have never tried it and use cost or inflamed rhetoric about how dangerous it can be not to try it. Well if used as directed it's not dangerous and it works. I have taken noticed on how deer almost always enter fields with the wind in their favor which usually is bad for hunting. With the Ozonics I hunt those bad winds and have been extremely successful. As a disclaimer I do hang my stands 24' up but with that being said I had 5 deer down wind of me last season while I used it in a ground blind. It will ruin the heck out elastic garments and degrade rubber. I have limited time to hunt anymore and limited spots to hunt so the Ozonics keeps me in the game no matter the wind direction.