SC Opening Morning


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2016 Deer season is officially underway in the South Carolina lowcountry! I'm in my stand overlooking a food plot in the woods. I saw a doe and a tiny fawn going from my corn to my beans when I was driving in, then I saw two older fawns bedded in front of my usual parking spot.

It's hot, humid, my thermacell is cranked up, and I've already dropped my hat and my binoculars, but it's officially deer season so all is well.
Forgive this TN guy, is it gun season? Our state does not open gun season until after bow season. What are you packing - deadeye?
Yep, it's gun season.

I'm in Charleston county. I've heard 3 shots and seen 2 does. One looked like she had a papilloma wart on her face.
SC is an in Oklahoma if rifle season began now we could kiss all our 3.5+ yr old bucks goodbye...

Good luck Cutman!
I'm done. Sun came up right in my face and I couldn't take it. Too hot and absolutely no breeze. I'll try again this afternoon.
Sept 1st is our opening day for archery season. I love to hunt early season but I cant stand to sweat and deer hunt at the same time so it will need to start cooling off soon!
Used to go to myrtle beach in late July. I remember always thinking that August was so early to start deer hunting. Good luck
I'm in a different stand now. The wind is out of the E/SE, which isn't ideal but it's ok. As I was walking to the stand I saw a very familiar face: a 3 legged doe that I've been watching for at least 4 years now, maybe 5. She was bedded in my beans/peas with her fawn. :)
Ha. Sorry. It was a slow day. I had 2 does and a young buck come out and eat for a little bit but they were real skittish. Some major work was being done on the highway 250 yards from my stand and it was very noisy. Plus, I think the full moon has them eating at night.

SE wind is pretty much the worst possible wind for me. SW is better, and anything N is perfect.
Where I'm at in SC, August 15th thru end of August is bow only, and buck only. Sept 1st gun season opens and is buck only until Sept 15th. Doe season opens Sept 15th. I'm with some of you, there is no way I can hunt in 80/90 degree weather. I typically don't get serious about hunting until October 1st. Any big bucks we get on camera in day time is the first two weeks in November.

I always thought in early season in SC, evening hunts were more productive.

Good luck Cutman! You have more tolerance to this humidity than I do.