Sawtooth seedling issue


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Got these from THE LLC last year and have around 50 potted. Goin in dirt in September. A few having issues. Anyone know what’s doing this? Blight maybe? Wondering if I should toss the 3/50 or plant em. Thanks!Image1628356379.674578.jpg

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Plant them. It could be too much water, too little water, or a nutrient issue. There is a good chance that the issue will correct itself after they are planted.
Did you happen to fertilize recently? Looks like the foliage has been “burnt” from over fertilization.


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Looks like what happens with lot of my grafted apple seedlings in year one if they have been low on getting nutrients or lack enough aeration in soil. Appears you have them in pots, my guess is root system trying to expand to compensate for leaf foilage above, but can't quite extract enough nutrients in potted soil in addition potted plants tend to need lot of water, because they don't hold any water.
This makes sense. Only three out of 50 and all 3 are right next to each other so I was thinking maybe some type of pathogen. Could just be a nutrient thing tho.

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