Ecos Pears


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Hey everybody, it took me a while to find this place, but I’ve already read some very good information. I have a question for you. I recently ordered 15 ecos pear seedlings from Oikos. They were a late order well after bud break and they were very small, 3-6”. Because of this I decided to pot them in one gallon, root saver pots from a past project and plant them next spring before bud break. They seem to be doing well, but with summer ahead I was wondering if I should keep these in full or partial sun, or in the shade? Thanks in advance for the help. I’m looking forward to being a regular contributor here.
I would recommend partial shade. They need just a little sun but could suffer with too much. One thing I have done before is provide shade in the middle of the day so that they only get morning and afternoon sun. Also, keep them watered well, but don't over-water. Good luck.
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I moved the trees to our patio, they already seem to be doing better getting them out of the deluge. Speaking of the flooding though, ants are moving into the pots, because of all rain. Is that going to be a problem?