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ken nikiel

love this forum but for the life of me i cannot get pictures to upload. they are well within the mg limit….what am i missing?
I have to take them with the phone camera then attach them. If I use the app to take the pics they never work.

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love this forum but for the life of me i cannot get pictures to upload. they are well within the mg limit….what am i missing?
Welcome to the forum! Sorry that you are having trouble uploading pictures, I think that everyone has difficulty with this. My work around is very simple, I upload all of my pictures through Tapatalk (free version), in medium quality, and have very little trouble. For whatever reason oftentimes the first upload attempt upon opening the app results in "upload failed", but after that they all upload smooth as butter, no matter what the size. If using Tapatalk Free Version be prepared to seeing a screen asking you to sign up for Tapatalk Pro every time you open it, that you have to decline in order to move on. I do not care for the format of Tapatalk so I normally view as a regular Google page on my phone, accessing it via a link on my homepage, with a second icon for Tapatalk that I open to upload pictures. The nice thing about this is that Tapatalk always puts my last post at the top of the list, so there's no need to search for the place where I want to add a picture.
For videos, what I've found to be the easiest way is to upload them to my free YouTube page and just share the link on Hope this helps! Allen
Tapatalk is the best way to view the forum and upload pictures.

The only think I don’t like about Tapatalk picture upload is when they don’t ask you if you’d like to select additional photos. This happens if you’ve uploaded recently. Easy fix-turn phone off then on again.

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I just use Tapatalk...super easy...
I don’t use tapacrap, never did like it, but I still have no trouble uploading pics i have to resize them but that’s easy on my iPad.
I use Tapatalk but it's guaranteed that the 1st four or more attempts will get "upload failed". Usually by the 5th try the pic goes thru. And once the 1st pic finally loads then all subsequent pics will load 1st try without a fail.
It's to the point that I dont wait for the error message. As the 1st attempt is attempting to load, I just add the same pic another 3 times. The 4th usually goes thru.
Frustrating but I don't know of another way to upload pics.
well i guess im just stupid. tried using imgur all that happens is img shows up in the post, link doesnt load. i give up. i belong to several forums and dont have any problems loading photos.
I'm in the same boat. Can't get a pic to load no matter what I try. Used to use Tapatalk but they shut me down with wanting payments, so I just don't post pics on this site.
The software needs to be upgraded but if we do that we might lose everything already here.

It’s extremely easy for me to post pics from my iPhone. I don’t use tapatalk. For people who have trouble, post what setup you are using and we will see if we can help.
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