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Well it finally happened got hit by thieves and they stole a generator that ai had running a pump at a windmill.The bad part it was today in middle of day when i rant to town to eat lunch.They drove through a corn field also and tossed a bud light bottle that has prints.SO came out and we were able to follow and may have a vehicle ID.Put up more cams and a couple dummies.The wife said to check into cell cams that send pics to my cell.What are the best?
Sorry you had some stuff stolen, that really sucks.

My cousin and I have Spartan’s and I’m pleased with them.
Sorry to hear this! I hope they track them down and you get your generator back. Do you think it was someone you know? Someone that knows your schedule?

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I feel your pain. If I’ve learned one lesson, it’s that being nice to trespassers has hurt and increased my problems. You need to make an example of whoever you catch.
Never had but one brand, Spartan. They work well and deliver great pics. Sorry about the thieves.
press charges if you catch them

post up your fence lines(serious property markers,etc makes good ones)

make friends with your game warden

word spreads quickly that you won't tolerate that s***

Might want to consider using a broken/cheap decoy camera that is over looked by your new camera. I’ve caught a lot of trespassers looking at or evading a broken camera in a real obvious location.
I've had spartan, Spypoint, Covert, Cuddelink. Spypoint is the best way to go. If it's in an area with marginal cell signal, Cuddelink is descent. Not sure if they'd do DNA submission in your area for a theft.
They drove through the gate that has a NT sign and the SO officer photographed,and don't worry I will prosecute. I talked to some neighbors and we may have a good idea of a vehicle,Hopefully we catch his sorry ass.I am going to buy another generator probably a champion
Just came across this but check out Arlo cameras. They are cell service ready and when paired up to your phone can send very good video footage. They may take the camera but not the footage. Batteries appear to last a couple weeks and the movement trigger can be adjusted both through your phone and through software where you can select areas on the screen to watch for triggers.

You can also jump on live any time. Cameras are all white but you can put skins on them fairly cheep.

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