Stealth Cam Tech Support, or lack there of.


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I have a camera that may be 2 years old at the most. It is a model SSTC-GXVRW. It seems to take pictures just fine however, it will not send them to my cell phone or computer. I believe it is on the ATT network. I have called several times, at least 3 times. The first time I was told the problem was on their end and they would have someone call to rectify it. Steill waiting for that call, 4 weeks later. Then after waiting a week I called back, was on hold for over 45 minutes and finally gave up. Then 2 weeks ago I called and rather quickly, maybe a 10 minute wait, I was connected with a support concierge? and I repeated the problem along with the ID numbers. They also told me that they would have someone call me back...2 weeks and 2 weeks out from the gun opener, let alone the time lost during bow season. Has this company gone to the dogs? I own 4 more of their cameras and they are working...