Portable Deer Blind - Truck Bed Hunting Blind

That’s pretty neat, and the way you built it should make it last a long time. In my life I’ve hunted in just about every kind of blind that there is. Nowadays comfort is king ! Add a couple or three office chairs in there and you have a very comfortable blind.
I've done several stick built blinds in the last 25 years. A couple things learned: The roof does not need to be pitched. You will never set up plumb and level. Water will shed just fine no matter what. Saves waste on material. Narrow slit windows 12" or less hide movement
Here’s a good tip: 1: if there’s side of the blind that u are most likely going to be look out (like towards a food plot or field,, then the slant of the roof should make the water flow behind you. A slanted roof is important for that. Very recommended. To not have drips and pouring water falling in front of you is very beneficial. 2: the most important thing to do in order to hide movement is to keep the inside dark. We use dark burlap curtains when we hunt. U can actually see thru them when they are down which give plenty of time to prepare an open window way before the deer approaches.