deer hunting

  1. Captain Belly

    Portable Deer Blind - Truck Bed Hunting Blind

    Here's a portable hunting blind that I made. You could easily use it as a camper-blind.
  2. Grayson Everett

    Deer hunting ideas / inventions

    Ideas you thought of but years later someone else cashed in. I have at least two that come to mind.. #1 ghost blind, I had this idea back in the 70s and did nothing.. #2 powdered estrus wind checker or scrape dust, thought if this one in the 80s same as the first one someone else cashed in...
  3. R

    Deer Down but....

    On Friday (10/20/20) I shot a mature buck at 85 yards with a 350 Legend, 170 grain bullet. The deer hit the ground and flopped around. I watched him do this for 8-10 seconds then he got up and ran off. I found the spot where he flopped but no hair or blood. I heard him run into the woods and...
  4. C

    Hunting privet land

    Hello my name is chris freeman. I recently have been making the rounds asking some people if I would be able to hunt on there private land in order to have my sister shoot her first deer. She is 9 years old as of right now and I really dont feel comfortable taking her out onto public land with a...
  5. J

    Kentucky Public Land Tips

    I’m out of eastern Ohio and I’m looking to plan a diy public land trip to Kentucky for the 2019-20. Just wanted to know if anybody has any tips for places that have good deer density in north/northeast Kentucky. Thanks!!
  6. B

    Any recommendations on a deer hunting trip?

    Hi All, I'm looking to get back into the sport and do an annual deer hunting trip with my Dad and brother. Does anyone have a recommendation on a great father son deer hunting trip? I'm in Chicago and we are having trouble finding a good location for a hunt that offers independent hunting in...
  7. A

    FOR SALE: Pull-Type Seeder/Drill for ATV

    FOR SALE: Pull-Type Seeder/Drill for ATVs - $5,000 includes 12 volt lift mechanism, 4' width, 4 rows, 10" row spacing, 2.5 Bu. Capacity 950 lbs. $6,600 MSRP Both a DRILL for Row Crops, and a SEEDER for Grasses Seedbox will Handle a Wide Variety of Seed Sizes and Types: From Bermuda or...
  8. Lucas

    Lucas Shed Hunting 2017

    Heres my 2017 finds! Let me know what y'all think! (pictures are to large to upload, so heres a link!):)
  9. E

    Specifics on Muzzleloader Season Firearms

    Hello all! Shortly after this year's firearm season, I acquired an 1884 "Trapdoor" Springfield rifle chambered in 45/70 GOV, a very nice antique rifle to say the least. Shortly after getting this rifle, I contacted my local sheriff to see if there were any laws that did or did not apply to the...
  10. D

    New Year, New Deer Season. Steadfast tips to help your success

    Each year I sit back once deer season ends and take inventory of the lessons learned. This year was no different , but as I thought about it further I realized there were several that I follow religiously. The 5 I wrote about in the article below are the ones I have learned in years past, and...
  11. D

    Tough Season. Forget what you know, remember whats important

    My 2016 deer season has been tough in Michigan. Lots of close calls and tough conditions turned my season into a grind by the time firearm got going. It didn't stop there either. I now I'm a tough hunter, but I was letting circumstances get the best of me and I lost track of what I should have...
  12. L

    A time for Thanksgiving – Hunting a Lesson in Gratefulness

    I have a lot of friends that don't hunt. Many of them don't understand why I do it. For a long time I have tried to explain why I like to hunt. It usually comes out in a short answer such as "I just really like spending time in the outdoors. You see all kinds of cools stuff out in the woods, and...
  13. Couchguy

    A couple of hunting jokes in honor of the season.

  14. L

    Here is Extra Motivation for You to Sit All Day

    So I have always been a fan of sitting all day once the rut hits, but sometimes have a hard time getting myself to do it. I often times find myself making excuses to head home for the midday hours of hunting. I'll admit, I just have a hard time sitting past 4 or 5 hours. Even when I know I...