FOR SALE: Pull-Type Seeder/Drill for ATV


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FOR SALE: Pull-Type Seeder/Drill for ATVs - $5,000

includes 12 volt lift mechanism, 4' width, 4 rows,
10" row spacing, 2.5 Bu. Capacity 950 lbs. $6,600 MSRP

Both a DRILL for Row Crops, and a SEEDER for Grasses

Seedbox will Handle a Wide Variety of Seed Sizes and Types: From Bermuda or Timothy to Corn or Soybeans

Same Precision Seed Metering System As Kasco's Other Drills & Seeders

Easily Changes from Drill to Broadcast Seeder

Heavy Duty Cast Presswheels Firm to the Ground following Seeding, to Ensure Excellent Seed-to-Soil Contact



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Hi Amy, is this seeder still for sale? I’m looking into purchasing one and came across your post today while researching.