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  1. D

    Cover crop/food plot seeder for sale

    Hello! We have cover crop seeders that work well on small tractors and toolbars. I've attached a picture for reference, we are selling the seeder only, not the toolbar. Call Paul for more information at 763-286-2037.
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    Sorry if there is already a similar post...I looked before posting but couldn't find one. Short version...what is the best/cheapest spray to kill all grass and weeds (leaving basically just dirt) for my food plot? P.S. I am unable to do a controlled burn.
  3. HB_Hunter

    Newly Cleared Ground - What to Plant?

    I'm sure this topic has been covered, but a quick search didn't turn up much. I am clearing some new ground to create a new food plot and would like to get something growing in the bare dirt this spring before I come back in with the LC Rye/Perennial clover mix this fall. Should I plant...
  4. A

    FOR SALE: Pull-Type Seeder/Drill for ATV

    FOR SALE: Pull-Type Seeder/Drill for ATVs - $5,000 includes 12 volt lift mechanism, 4' width, 4 rows, 10" row spacing, 2.5 Bu. Capacity 950 lbs. $6,600 MSRP Both a DRILL for Row Crops, and a SEEDER for Grasses Seedbox will Handle a Wide Variety of Seed Sizes and Types: From Bermuda or...
  5. farmhunter

    Post your Favorite food plot pictures from this year!

    Some of my buddies pick on me for taking so many food plot pictures!! I justify them rightfully so - by explaining how important it is for me to be able to look at plots from past years -at known dates and periods of growth - to compare and evaluate them for success/failure. But sometimes I...