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    FOR SALE: Pull-Type Seeder/Drill for ATV

    FOR SALE: Pull-Type Seeder/Drill for ATVs - $5,000 includes 12 volt lift mechanism, 4' width, 4 rows, 10" row spacing, 2.5 Bu. Capacity 950 lbs. $6,600 MSRP Both a DRILL for Row Crops, and a SEEDER for Grasses Seedbox will Handle a Wide Variety of Seed Sizes and Types: From Bermuda or...
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    4 Sale: John Deere Model 71 Planter - (2) Row w/ Electric Lift

    John Deere Model 71 planter featuring: • 2-row, 30" spacing • Electric lift actuator - for use behind AVT/ need for tractor, 3-pt! • Long harness cable with convenient two-way switch • Heavy tool bar with top link adjuster - important for keeping your planter level • Yetter no-till...