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Chris Freeman

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Hello my name is chris freeman. I recently have been making the rounds asking some people if I would be able to hunt on there private land in order to have my sister shoot her first deer. She is 9 years old as of right now and I really dont feel comfortable taking her out onto public land with a bunch of idiots who shoot anything that moves. I understand that I am asking for a lot and I understand if the answer is a no. If you or anyone you know has private land near 49341 (rockford MI) please give me a text at 616-427-6337
This is a problem many are confronted with. I wish you luck. So many are being priced out of the sport. It's sad .
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This is a problem many are confronted with. I wish you luck. So many are being priced out of the sport. It's sad .
Exactly. I know so many people at my school (I'm 17) that have quit hunting due to not being able to afford it or not having anywhere to go. I plan on never stopping as I dont only deer hunt but I also hunt many other species (duck, elk, bear, and hogs) just seems like deer hunting is slowly being killed of due to lack of land. It truly is a shame.
It won't help now but start next year asking for permission with your little sister in tow, long before the season starts, During season is a very tough time to get a yes answer. Offer to trade your hard work ethic for taking your sister out hunting. Permission that way could work into a spot for both of you in the future.

If you hunt deer already, take her to one of the spots you hunt. If its too difficult of a spot to get her into then perhaps next year will have to be it.

Public in the middle of the week tends to be not a busy if that is the only choice you got.

Now I am going to piss some people off but if you are able to afford elk and hog trips and if you're hunting deer, duck and bear in your state, you already have some areas and the means to find a deer to hunt.

Good luck, Remember hard work to make something happen makes the success even sweeter.
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Willy nailed it. Go give first, then you'll receive, and start in the spring when landowners need help.

Where I hunt, there's tons of public land available and people are still quitting. You can only go so many years without seeing a deer before you just give up. Pray your state never turns against your natural resources.