Plots Finally Coming Around


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Finally got a little rain after seven weeks without a drop. First plot had been sprayed, and bush hogged. Seed spread on undisked ground, then disked over one time. Second plot is a throw and mow. Last plot was bush hogged and then planted with a Woods Seeder. All doing ok now. Wheat, rye, and white clover.
Glad you got it going. Hope the rains continue. We have been blessed with some showers, and got another 1/2 inch last night.
Mine are looking better too, but they will never be as good as they could have been if we had gotten some earlier rain. Deer and hogs are keeping them cropped pretty close. I'm still thankful for what rain we got though ! Poured out 1.6 in. yesterday on my hunting property.
I actually need a week of no rain. Crazy. Glad you got out of the ground.