Planting all done


Was able to get planting all done had little rain last after planting and big rain coming in this weekend.


Found two of these about 20 yard apart not a good sign, ton of rain wet hen's leave a lot of scent at the nest.


Spray wait, Broadcast, Roll not as good as I hoped but not bad either. Time will tell - Tyrone Forage Soybeans, Sunflowers, Grain Sorghum, Clemson Spineless Okra


Here is what is majority of what is laying on the ground


First time to try have been wanting to do it for years and years. Clemson Spineless Okra - 8000 seeds per lb.


Other food source is producing also.

Please keep updating us on this plot. I'm hoping to get a similar system going next year. I have to do demo work this year to start.
Why did you choose cowhorn?

Was just trying to find twenty pounds of okra for the subsoil and rank growth habit so the peas will run.
Cowhorn is the only variety I could find in quanity. Okra is a very robust plant that stands well. Depending
on the summer and fall outcome, I may leave this standing for the winter. If not, will drive someone thru the
field in the back of a pickup and get next years seed this fall.
That turkey egg doesn't look hatched. Looks predated. When they hatch they open the big end, not the side. Bad news either way.
Well good news - Farm Logs tell me I got over 1" of rain since planting, and fertilizing. Good news comes with bad hoping I don't have a bunch a tree damage or fence damage guess I go inspect tomorrow and make game plan from their.
Looking good horntagger.

A friend of mine who has trouble in his garden with deer browsing says that deer will walk past anything else in a garden to get to okra. He told me once what the variety he grew was and after reading this I remembered that it was Clemson Spineless.
Thanks Native Hunter - I have heard the same thing in my research of it. I do get two different comments on deer eating - 1. Deer eat the leaves and I have seen the photos of that. But won't eat flower or fruit. 2. But then another says they ate the leaves, flower and fruit.

The two things I cannot find are 1. How much forage can okra produce. What % of protein are the forage of okra.

This is the rest I have found.

Deer will graze on the forage of the Plant

Warm Season Annual Forb

Mature in 60 days

Drought resistant plant

Has around 8,000 seeds per pound.

Plants just keep growing until cool weather in the fall, so they will get 6 feet or taller in areas with a long, warm growing season.

Among the plants yielding a high protein content per hectare (soybean, wheat, maize)

Seed is very like that of soybeans in total protein and oil. The seed is slightly smaller in size and is tougher.