Pa Hillbilly Farming


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Well I can not get my I phone to upload more pictures. I’ll try later.

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Well Mother Nature apparently has forgotten it’s spring. Tomorrow is opening day of trout season so our area will be busting at the seems with the fishermen. Hopefully I’ll be pruning some fruit trees tomorrow. My tress have been growing great. Probably will let them produce fruit this year. Had not done much planting last year do to the rock picking I did the year prior. I just did clover every where to let the organic matter build up. This year I plan on soy beans and brassicas. Along with a lot more plot screen has I mowed it off too early last year thinking it was not growing. Lessons learned. Racing all over the country last year and starting this year in March has kept me pretty busy.

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The mystery of what happened to this buck is over. Looks like he died 300 yards from last photo. Apparently from natural causes

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Stinks to lose a good one! Hopefully an equal buck will take his place

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