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image.jpeg Spending a couple days in New York. I didn't know whether to laugh or be offended at this guys sign!?!?

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At least he is being honest what he wants the money for o_O The ones I see lie and say they need food, then you stop and offer them some leftovers and they wont take it or even worse the ones saying they need work and you stop and offer them a job and they turn that down.
When I worked downtown Chicago I took the train and had to deal with these guys daily. Early on one had me kinda cornered and asked for money. Said he had not eaten in days. I told him I didn't have any cash but I'd be happy to give him one of my PB&J sandwiches I had in my briefcase. He looked me straight in the eye and said "I don't like PB&J"
He probably drove a BMW!
I noticed the starbucks cup as well. Also notice he is sitting on US government property - that's a tote from the US Postal Service. What he "needs" is a kick in the pants! Don't get me wrong, bad things happen to good people, but I have zero sympathy for folks that want me to help them when they are not willing to help themselves. Maybe that makes me a bad person....but that was the way I was raised. Life isn't fair, life isn't easy, you want something from life you better be willing to work for it and go get it. I'll donate my money to help those that are willing and trying to be a productive member of society.
nothing but quality....If i had a dollar for each lazy beggar i have offered to buy them a burger or sub and been turned down i would have a larger food plot lol but really i don't do it much any more cause i think only once an old guy took me up on it. Most just laugh and say they want cash... Had a guy in his 30s knock on my front door asking for money i said sure here is my mower there is my lawn....he just turn around a walked away. A guy a graduated high school with went and walked down town Dallas dressed pants and polo and asked for money for college on his sign and was give over $1200 in abt 9hrs. I don't know abt y'all but im in the wrong business of working for my money.....
I spent a lot of years working in NYC, and just when you think you have seen it all something else pops up that makes you
realize that you may not have even scratched the surface.