North Georgia Public Land Buck Video

Buck Roar

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Hey guys this is my first post on here. I was lucky enough to take this buck on December 29 at 8:43 chasing a doe on public land in North Georgia at 3400 feet. First time I've ever tagged out on bucks. Hope ya'll enjoy the video.

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Welcome! I saw you post over on Woodys Campfire too! Great buck and very cool video. Y’all have got a great spot there.
Congrats on a nice Mountain Buck. Felt great to fill that tag I expect.

Thanks for sharing the video with all of us.

That's great. Instead of sitting up in the house and watching tv, you got out and braved the elements and put your hunting skills to the test. I'd say you passed the test. Beautiful terrain out there. Congrats..
Your Dad ought to be proud.
Enjoyed the music too.
Great looking mountain buck, terrain looks very similar to NW North Carolina where my property is. Tough hunting but the scenery is worth it!