David Blanton and Realtree take a challenged kid to Milk River, Montana


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Folks get the tissue ready for watching this video. This youngster is great !!! This will be on TV today and later this week too.

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Only thing I can think of is WOW! If we have our health we have it all. God's grace to Chip, his family, the landowner and David Blanton.
Im with you Triple C. WOW! D Blanton is such a gracious man. Kudos to all involved and may god continue to bless Chip. :)
What an amazing story! My wife walked in on me watching right at the moment the buck goes down, and not ashamed to say I had some tears going down my cheeks. She took one look at the video and one look at me and said, "Nope! If this is making YOU cry then I'm going to lose it if I watch!" and she headed the other direction, lol. This really struck a chord with me. Both of my boys ( 2 and 4 years old) have been diagnosed with autism. It's my prayer that despite everything they struggle with, someday we'll be in a blind together celebrating their first buck! Thanks so much for posting this.
What an awesome story! Sure had my tears flowing! Thanks so much for sharing! I pray this young man has many more successful hunts ahead of him!
I had the privilege to hear David Blanton speak at a men's club function in Monroe Ga. a few years ago. He is a genuine guy who isn't ashamed of his faith.
Got a bit red nosed watching it myself. Touching vid, blessings to Chip and his family & David.
He came to speak at a church in Tulsa several years back, I've been a fan since.