"Nobody in his right mind"


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Scotty McCreery has a current song that is a take off on George Strait's hit several years back.

But here is my version of "Nobody in his right mind". As many of you know back in 2011 I picked up sawtooth acorns off the sidewalks in Montgomery, grew little trees, and planted them on my property. Today they are doing great. Many of you may have received some of those acorns.

Well the acorns fall every year, BUT, no animals to enjoy them. Who in their right mind plants prolific acorn producing trees on downtown sidewalks. So to help I have collected three buckets and plan to spread them out in prime hunting areas this fall. I filled the three buckets in no time


If you form a nut collectors club, let me know. I'm always hunting for places to collect acorns. A few years ago, I found a red oak motherload in a nearby church parking lot. I think we took 100 gallons of acorns to camp that year.

I usually pick up a few buckets of sawtooths at the local movie theater parking lot.