New WR NT from TN?


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Haven't heard anything until today about a buck scoring over 300 inches taken last monday,Then a possible typical taken in Iowa also.Any of you guys from TN seen this

Yes I have seen the Non-Typical taken in Gallatin, TN with a muzzleloader last Monday, November 7th. It has 47 score able points.

The young man that killed it is 25 years old. His uncle is on our deer lease in Kentucky. So I get first hand information. Matter of fact the uncle killed a buck on Sunday from the same stand I harvested a buck from on Friday morning.

The buck was killed inside the City Limits of Gallatin, TN with subdivisions all around. It is a small tract of timber and farm ground that has not been subdivided yet.

I have a photo but I will not post it because I was not given permission to share it. The antlers are in a bank vault now. The buck was first seen from a combine.

For ten years, I worked in a County Office Building that is about 2 1/2 miles from where this buck was harvested.
The world is shrinking. That deer was the talk of the coffee shop in Bellville NY yesterday and there was an excellent picture and story of it on one of the guys phones. The wind was swirling so some deer hunters were there as was I enjoying the story of the great Tennessee deer.
This deer is already very famous. The original score is reported to be less than 2 inches above the world record. The final official score will be an interesting process. If I understand correctly this will be measured by teams of scorers to protect the sanctity of the world records.

The young man that killed this deer is a good person - just amazing stroke to luck to cross paths with the rarest of trophies in a tiny section of habitat.
Well come on someone post the pic!
It's shown in the USA paper today. Prediction of 100000+$ price. Massive deer, hard to believe free range can do that. Pretty cool. Would cost me 100 grand in ICU charges at hospital if I had chance at it.
Here you go. I cropped out the person holding the rack. This photo was taken right before it got a ride to the bank vault.

World Record Non-Typical Gallatin, TN.JPG

Be a challenge to count them and certainly to score them.

Bite your tongue!

We do see some freaky deer in the cities along Old Hickory Lake and the Corp of Engineer property. I don't know of deer farm anywhere in middle Tennessee.
There are a few up on the plateau, but the TWRA really does like them. Trying to keep CWD out of Tennessee as best as possible.
I also have a connection to that deer, having grown up in Sumner County TN. The guy who killed the deer is the first cousin of the wife of one of my brother's groomsmen. Never met the guy but it's an amazing deer.

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