Nebraska senators propose bill to allow landowners free tags and more


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Lawmakers clash over bill that would give some landowners special rifle hunting season for deer

That's the headline in the Omaha world herald tonight. Basically the bill would give landowners 5 days of rifle season prior to the regular rifle season opening up and 4 free tags per 80 acres.

What a crock of chit. I own land that would qualify me but am 100% against it as it would cause a loss of revenue for a game and parks as license sales are what builds their coffer and allows them to do their job. On top of that I, if passed it will make a lot of people think twice about getting a tag themselves and I believe it will destroy the herd health overall.

This bill is the brainchild of the same senator that made fun of our game and parks this past fall and bullied his way for a constituent of his to get 50 elk depredation tags. He was trying to make a point on several levels. The constituent allowed hunting prior but only for cash and to kill bulls. WTF

Okay, vent over.
Not too mention what havoc it will cause the rest of the folks who want to get a tag. You cant exponentially give away huge numbers more tags and keep the tag level what it has been for the rest of the hunters. Not unless your goal is to decimate the deer herd. Is that the goal?
That is what the goal is based on Senator Hughes previous comments and actions taken to get landowners depredation tags and his belief of the rights of landowners. I'm sure its part of his disgust of the horrible tax rate on land. I hate it too but he is over the top.
Wow that is crazy. 4 tags/80 ac and a special season. We have high dpm here but that would decimate our herd and I can't imagine Nebraska has those type of numbers to spare.
Landowners here don't have to buy any tags but have to follow any game rules for the season.
And I agree with you Willy, I can take 7 deer/person off my land but no way would I do that. We have barely taken that in the last 10 years by choice. Honestly many landowners/farmers around here pretty much shoot a deer when they want anyway. Just the way it is. Good luck with that law proposal. I just sent out 12 emails yesterday on a law to be voted on next week and was pleasantly surprised I got some responses back. So writing/calling, etc can help. Especially in election years.
Lord have mercy. That's all those lose cannons in northwest Nebraska need. Oh well, Nebraska's deer herd is in the shits anyway. Kansas is WAY better.
I'll play the "other side" (whatever that really means) just for discussion.

Is this so that Land Owners get first crack at Deer they have raised before Non Land Owners and Out of State Hunters get to start Shooting? If so is that a Bad Thing?

4 Tags per 80 Acres for Free is that really that big of a Deal? If the area has mostly smaller parcels of Property it might add up, but if most Owners hold Hundreds or Thousands of Acres would they really use all those Tags? Say a guy owns 8000 Acres, he would get 400 Tags. Would he really use that many? How Many Land Owners would shoot as many Deer as they hold Tags for? I know of Guys now that Buy Doe Tags just so no one gets to use them to shoot more Does, as the feel the Deer Herd is way to small in their areas.

How does this effect Guides and their Clients? If the Guide owns Thousands of Acres would he now be able to Sell More Hunts due to having more Tags now available to him or are the Tags Non-Transferable?

How will it affect the Out of State Sales of Tags? How many Hunters will no longer chance a Hunt There is they know that Season has opened before they are able to hunt? Will it even matter since many Hunters do not get the chance to hunt Opening Day(s)?

Is this another Push by Insurance Companies to lower Deer Damage Claims and has nothing really to do with Hunters or Land Owners?