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Here are the vets who rifle hunted my farm and my folk's farm this year. They had a great hunt with lots of deer seen and choices to make. The second pic is of our neighbor's pup who took a liking to the two vets and spent a morning helping look for deer. They said Sophie didn't impact the hunt negatively at all. The third pic is of our vet who had never hunted deer prior to last Saturday.
PA Vets Travis and Dennis.jpg sophie.jpg Nell's buck.jpg

We've been having vets with disabilities come hunting for the past 8 years for deer. A couple during muzzleloader and the rest during our firearms season. Only one has not got an animal and that is because he didn't let the bolt close by itself on a BAR .243. It went click on that buck. That deer survived the season and his name is Click this year. He is the buck I am after this year. That vet is coming back next year:)

The organization that helps me find vets for these hunts is Freedom Hunters. They sponsor these hunters. We are not outfitters just families that want to give back to our vets. Freedom Hunters covers the hunters expenses and sends me names and hunting interests of people they feel would be a good fit for what we can offer. I then contact them and ask the vets if they'd be interested in coming for a hunt. Almost all have said yes, the nos have been rainchecks for another time if still interested.

It has been a tough year for all because of covid but especially for non profits that need fundraising events to keep going. Freedom hunters is no different. I encourage all of you if you can, to go to and donate what you can or get involved in some other way if your not already involved in a way to give back to our veterans.

Thanks for reading. Good luck to all of you on your next hunting adventure.

Way to go Willy!! My dad, a disabled vet himself, always had other vets come out and hunt our place. I’ve been meaning to do this but haven’t since he passed. I’m kicking myself. Your post has inspired me. I’m going to contact freedomhunters tomorrow.

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It's people like you, Willy, who make the world go round! Thanks for thinking of others and the effort on their behalf. I'd do something similar but my thing is taking youngsters out who have never shot a deer.