My little condos


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A few years ago my dad and I started building box blinds to be comfortable, dry, warm and stay in the woods longer. The 1st blind was a stationary tower blind on 12' 4x4's, 58" wide by 96" long 6.5' inside height. We've found that this formula gives 2 adults plenty of room. The single man blind is 58"x58", we've built them as stationary and mobile. The tower blind has 6x6 skids with eye bolts on both end and the ladder gets propped up and secured during moving. Ground blinds have 2x12 for skids and can be pulled by a atv.
We built the stationary blinds with 2x4's and the movable blinds have 2x2's. The walls, floor and ceiling have 1/2" foam insulation. J-channel is put over windows and door to deflect rain. The best method for windows has come from using latus track and plaxi glass. This has been the biggest plus in our design cheapest and most effective route. Used corrugated undlean for the roof.
If you'd like to see videos & pictures go to Facebook White Oak Outdoors. I'd be glad to help if you have questions.
Capture 6.JPGThis is a snip from the video of the latus track being used for sliding windows. Lowes sells a 12' piece for $8.00.
Curious any issue/concern with the wind taking them over?
All of the tower blinds have a single screw anchor and guide wire attached underneath and centered . These blinds are near a river and get tested with some pretty good wind. If you look close at the blind in the field, you can see the wire. After you and tighten, turn the screw anchor a little to put tension on the wire.